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The Lord's Witch
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There is nothing more relaxing than spending a few quiet hours reading a good book.
It was not until after retirement from teaching before I really began to get down to business to publish the stacks of manuscripts composed during the years. New ones followed. The rewards have been many. It is so humbling to watch monthly sales numbers grow. I appreciate those who have taken the time to stop by my author's site on Amazon or Smashwords and make a selection from my book offerings. The following pages will profile some of those published with perhaps a hint of what is to come. Please bookmark my site and visit often.
It is always a thrill to be in the top 100 of anything. However, Portal to Loch Doon's being in Amazon's Best Seller's Top 100 list in the time historical romance category for nine months after its July 2011 arrival was overwhelming. It's interesting to know so many might really consider traveling back in time. Another best seller of interest to readers is The Other Side of Midnight, a non-fiction work of the struggles with which my daughter dealt after her bipolar diagnosis. Both of these titles, as well as others, are now available in paperback on Amazon or CreateSpace.
Always, readers' comments are important to an author. Feel free to contact me on the Contact/About the Author page, Facebook-Author Sherry Boardman, or Words from Within, at Author's bio can be viewed on the Contact page.

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In memory of my beloved daughter Christi, Feb 8, 1971-Jan 17, 2013
With love to my son Michael for his encouragement to follow my dreams

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